Lagenda Budak Setan Versi Lagenda Budak KPP

Salam and hello!

I'm very glad to tell or mention to you here that this entry is a special entry I would like to dedicate to all my friends, to be specific my course-mates,  a future degree holder of Bachelor Science of Environmental and Occupational Health, UPM, Session 2008-2012.

Do you still remember that I did promised to upload the official photos (from our official photoghrapher (OP)) of our photo shoot at Pokok Lagenda Budak Setan few months ago? Yeahhh... you forgot already right?  HAHA. It's okay, it's okay, you can click HERE if your brain can't recall back one of my favourite entry (syok sendiri betul Budak Mamay ni sebab suka entry sendiri. LOL!).

Btw, I'm sorry for the VERY late update about this entry. You know what, it is because we just received all  the photos about a week ago! Yeahh...maybe there was a technical problem in which our OP didn't managed to give the photos to us after two weeks of photo shoot session as he promised early.  But, never mind, its okay, at last we did received all of the AWESOME photos! Wuhuuuuuu~~~~

So, without wasting my time and YOUR time as well, lets enjoyyyyyyy some of our photossssssssss taken few months ago at so called pokok lagenda budak setan itewwww (read: itu). Fine, its so gedik to add 'w' at the end of the word. kitew (kita), itew (itu), bilew (bila), blah blah blah damn gediks like SERIOUSLY! seriously? yeahhhh seriouslyyy!!! I don't know where's in the world those words (refers to itew, bilew, kitew, blah blah blah) come from! Derrr! And you know what aku giler benci dan menyamsampah (baca: menyampah) dengan spesis manusia yang menaip perkataan macam tu. Wehhh hang tak pi sekolah ke dulu? Jangan nak rosakkan bahasa Melayu boleh tak? BOLEH TAK??? Eh eh..apesal aku nak emo tak tentu pasal ni? eh eh... hewhewhew (read: huhuhu). Fine, stop it May! Dah habis kelas tatabahasa untuk hari ini. lol!

Naaah back to our story, letsss enjoyyy our photos bebeyhhhh! :))

All of us. 
Left to right (standing): Joan, Awie, Afiq, Azreen, Paah, Aqilah, Ayuni, Jiha, Izyan, Zani, Amy, Wani, Fadh, Wan, Azie, Tiqah, Wai Mun, Noreen, May Yee, Zati, Yoon Yee, Lisa, Din, Zuraimi, Chin Siong, Sia.
Left to right (sitting): Rudy, Aini, Una, Nisa, Pqa, Sawan aka Balok, Izzat, Kak Sa, Sue, Waie, Kak Yani aka tunangan orang (hiks!), Mamay aummm, Imah, Diha, Aj, Nana, Ida, Aisyah, Pejal, Matki, Abang Daus.

In the making of L.O.V.E.
Sia, please....sit down!

Everyone is ready except SIA CHEE CHAI! lol!
p/s: Sia, Rachel is not here...so don't wait for her to come lor....hikhiks!

Yeahhh... finally....our L.O.V.E.
Sweet enough, right?;))

I love this one!


Can you notice the alphabets that we did there?


That was K.P.P
Stand for Kesihatan Persekitaran & Pekerjaan. (our course maaaaa)

The wave comes from front side.

 Not exactly the waves. HAHA

 The waves from the left side. :)

Ouchhhhh! Now the waves from the right side. HEHE.

The girlsssss yawwww!

We just love jumpingg. Owyeahhhhhhhh!!!!! Yeyy, Mamay lompat paling tinggi. Hihi!

Heyyy Mr Balok. Behave, pleaseeeee....................
Everyone was looking at him except Izzat. HOHO

Naaaaahhhh.............. the boyssssss! I wonder what was wrong with Rudy.

Dush2222!!!! Lets beat Balok! HAUHAUHAUAHUAHAU!
Matki, please...don't be alone, bro!


They were tried to jump.

Cekidaud yoooooowwww!


Usaha lagi, please. kihkihkih


Pasaipa makin turun ke bumi ni cik abangs oi.....????


Naaaaahhhh ini baru hero Malaya.....!
p/s: Balok, hang pe dieee nihhh? Orang len seme duk lompat yang hang duk terkebil-kebil tu pasaipa? Berat lettewwwwwwwwww (baca: dengan nada gediks. haha)

Terbaekkkkk bro! Pejal, Joan, mantapppp!
Balok, sila banyakkan exercise selepas ini. Berat anda sememangnya berat. Hiksss!

Group Riang-ria Hati Girang. hihi

Group Kotak-kotak Hati.

Group Semerah Biji Saga.
Balok,jangan menyibuk boleh tak? BOLEH TAKKKK????

Group paling gorjes abad ini, Setulus Kasih, Sesuci Embun. Haaaa...kau hade? HARHARHAR!

Group Sebiru Lautan Sebening Kasih.
p/s: Afiq, hang doa apa wehhhh???

Naaaaa......enough...enoughhhhhh.... if I put all the photos here you might get headache when look at Balok especially.., HAHA. So I should stop here. But before that I just wanna tell you guys, being a friend to all of you is one of the wonderful moment I have in this life!

Thanks for all your kindness and supports since our first year at UPM until today. 
This week gonna be a toughhhhh week for us. Still a lot more presentations and report writing to settle up before our final exam. So, I would like to take this chance to wish you all the best for the becoming week. Full of stress, pressure, burden..... but behind all these things it remind us that to be a success person in the world is not as easy as ABC. We have to strive for it. We chase for the success, we work for the victory.

The most important thing is: 

"Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail". -Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Success is a journey, not a destination." - Ben Sweetland

Last but not least, 

I love you all, friendssss!!!!!!
*big biggg huggggggggg*

Once again, all the bestt to all of you. Our Final Year Project Presentation on next Wednesday and Thursday. Ouhhhhh!!!!
Believe in yourself.
We can do it yawwww!!!!!!

Thanks for your time here. Do take care of yourself, okay!!!
Bye darlingssss! 
I love you!

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