A Beautiful Eid

Assalamualaikum and Hi.

We are still on mood of Syawal right ? I know its kind a bit late to post about Hari Raya, but who cares ? :p

Hehe. So this is my story. The most important people who are always bring out the best in me. 
The one we called family. *smile

Dad and Mom.
The brothers (except my second brother, Pyan. will share the story later)
The sisters (the one in brown is my SIL)
The whole family
Our special guest, Abang Afiq, Kak Ira and the little Afif Aiman
All of us on 1 Syawal. :)
Adorable enough, huh ? Aunty Mamay always loves you, Aiman.

Ok, lets have an outdoor scene. Hehe
I think this is the best pic ever ! Pretty cool. Hoho

That is our first day on Syawal. The second day we were busy preparing for 'tahlil' ceremony. And the third day we went to Negeri Sembilan to visit the one and only Mom's baby, Pyan. It was exhausted to all of us, but overall it was just awesome ! You know what, celebrating Eid is always a merry endeavor regardless where you are and with whom the day you spent with. Children are the top list who enjoyed the moments the most, as what I did before. Oh I just feel like I'm a bit old now. T__T. Haha. No matter what, I am always look forward for this day. It is the greatest thing to be together with family.:')

 I am very grateful for being blessed in life. Ups and downs, good and bad, joy and sorrow.. all that have bring me up to who I am today. Right now, I just hope and pray that this happiness and joyful will always stay with us, the whole family and friends. And I am pretty sure a lot of beautiful things will come out soon. Insyaallah.... Selamat Hari Raya, people ! May Allah blessed us. In sya Allah....