“Failure often leads to Success”

Such an interesting topic for us to talk about.

Actually this is not the first time i heard about this statement.Every time and everywhere i go, people are always said the same thing.But, the question is how far and how much this statement give influence in our life. It's all depend on the individual itself.People said that failure is something negative and no one cant accept it if he or she facing the failure in their life.However, without our concern failure actually teach us on how to be more matured in order to reach our goals.

What i want to say here is failure actually is a silent encouragement.Once we failed it doesn't mean that we will failed forever but it boosts up our spirit to get up,to stand strong, and not to fail again.We should think it from the positive side and don't ever let the failure as the end for us to success.Even me, myself also have gone through so many failures in my life since I was in secondary school.I still remember the day I got my SPM result.That was the bad moment i had in my life when i received my result's transcript. I never expect that it would be that suck.It took about a week for me to get back my spirit.With that moderate result i got the offer to further my study at matriculation. Starting from that I never turn back.I work hard to achieve my dreams.I don't want to repeat my mistake.

Then I realized that my previous failure is one of the precious experiences and actually opened up my eyes that men can succeed when they realized that their failure is a pillar to their success.Failure is a delay, not a defeat.

Failing might be the best tutors in developing our new spirit.There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.Failure is the beginning of success...without failure we cannot learn from mistakes....experiences are gained with failure...

Last but not least, sometimes we must get hurt in order to grow.We must fall in order to know and sometimes our vision clear only after our eyes are washed away with tears

What ever come to us, don't give up!!!