Sophie is Here !

Hello Mamay's blog reader !

Nice to meet you here. My name is Sophie. I am Mika's second batch kittens. I have three siblings. Now I live in Puncak Alam with my owner, Daddy who is studying at Uitm Puncak Alam. I met Mamay about a month ago during her cousin's wedding, Along in Kuantan. Mamay went back to KL together with me after the wedding. Along the journey from Kuantan to KL, Mamay kept on teasing me. I feel suffocated with her. I cant sleep well y' know ! =.='

Btw, after a month, I feel like I miss Mamay. I miss to seat on her lap, got kiss and hugs from her. 
Ohhh... seriously.... is this what we called love ? 

 Don't you feel like to kiss me ? Yeahh I know..... 

But... only Mamay can give me a kiss ! 
If you want too, go and kiss Mamay ! Eh ? =P

 In the car. Mamay kept on teasing me. Put me on her lap.... =.='

 Mamay, what's wrong with this photo ? I tried so hard to rotate it but I could not make it. :'(

 Landing on Mamay's lap is just like landing on the sand at the beach. 
Well, y' know Mamay have A LOT of fat ! Heuheuheuheu.

Daddy, please bring me to meet Mamay ! I miss her damn damn damn much !!!! That's why I ask Mamay's permission to write something here. Just to let her know that I miss her. Mamay, please read this. I know soon you will finish your study and going to work. So, when you are working later on I'm sure at the end of the month you will get your salary. So... I hope you didn't forget to buy me something... yeahh something like.. like... yeahhh like... a new boyfriend for me ! Erm... can you do me a favor, Mamay ??? 

Gorgeous Sophie

p/s: I lalalalalalalove you, Mamay !!!!


wawa abdullah said...

comey nye kucing tu may...geram org tgk.. lebat lak tu bulu dye..huhu

May Maisarah said...

Eheh... baka baik anak pom baekkk punyerrrr ! hehehe. =))

cik ery said...

alolo comeynye may.eh!kucen tu ehehe

May Maisarah said...

Cik Ery:

Eheh ! =P