Teaser: What A Beautiful Day !

Left to right: Lisa, May Yee, Imah, AJ, Tan Oppa, Wiwi aka Abang Dommy, Mamay, Aisyah lol-lol, Nana, Azreen
(photoG: Diha)

Diha (fifth from right)

Today was damn great ! Exhausted but yet, so meaningful ! A very happy moments we captured into thousand pieces of photos. I will update here more, soon. Right now I need to finish my second draft thesis. One thing for sure, this girl have to stay up again tonight ! T__T

Ok, see you tomorrow with a lot of happy faces here, I promised you ! Insyaallah..... [stay tuned, okay !]

p/s: Alhamdulillah... thank you Allah.. I feel so blessed and happy today. Don't take away this feeling from me. :))


Anonymous said...

woahhh, kat mana ni? :)

May Maisarah said...

ni kat wetland, putrajaya. =))