To Form A Close, Tight Bonding

I still remember the day he asked me either I have any special feeling towards him, about last year. And because of 'that' one question we have come to this level. The one step closer to the door that we called a.... 'Marriage'. Somehow I still couldn't believe that he is the one that I'm looking for all this while. It is not easy actually to give your heart to someone after what have you gone through in the past. Heartbroken and pain from the past experience makes me realized that you can't simply put 100 percent trust on your partner. We can't foresee the future, we can't expect what will happen tomorrow. 

In any relationship, all of us are convinced with promises, love, care, protection and everything. Yes, that's what I get too, being promised to be loved endlessly, to be protected in every second, to be taken care of and to be together no matter what will happen. However, to simply accept those promises is not an easy doing indeed cos we do not wish to get hurt silently. 

Truth to be told, I have never imagined that I am going to marry this guy. HEHE. Sorry love... but you are the one who give a big impact to me, to my life so far. We are in the same class for FOUR years yet we have never know each other closely during the period of time. I don't even realized his presence b'cos I am too busy loving the other guy on that time. Goshhhh I wish I met you longggg longgg time ago so that I will not wasting my tears and joys with other guy. T__T

It's okay, just forget the past. We are now living for the presence and future. Lets work it out and face the world together. I can't wait to wish good night to you while you are laying down besides me and open my eyes knowing that you are in front of me the moment I wake up from my beautiful sleep. Thank you for giving me a chance to fall in love over and over again with you. Thank you for all the memories we created for the past few months. Lets finish this together. It is truly a big blessing to get to know you closely day by day. =)

"To be someone first love is great, but to be their last one is beyond perfect"

September 13, 2014.

Happy Birthday and Happy Engagement, Z. :)


Masy said...

alaaa nak jugaaaakkk

gadisBunga™ said...

selamat bertunang... tahniah... dah hey... cerita awak memberi keyakinan kepada saya bahawa keajaiban boleh berlaku! hihihi~