Just A Random Thoughts

Hai hai hello. Wassap guys ! Hope everyone of you who are reading this are in a very good stage of health and happiness. Nothing could bring us happy when seeing other people happy, am I right ? 

Just a random update actually. Suddenly I miss this blog. I know its quite a while since my last update here. Btw my last entry about my best friend's wedding was just awesome. Ramai betul yang baca. Thank you guys. Tak semena-mena naik Buffered Earning. Wiwiwiwiwi. 

I am thinking of come back here and writing again. Seriously I miss the old days back then. How frequent I update my activity here, I mean during my university days. Goshhh how time flies ! Its been four months I'm working as a consultant. Everything is okay except for certain things yeahhh being an employee of course sometimes you got an issue with your BOSS. T___T

This blog is so dull not because I am busy with my job. No. I am not busy at all lately. Masuk ofis rileks-rileks setelkan small little things only. Sometimes I feel so bored. Well I am a type of person who can't do the same routine everyday. I'm easily-get-bored-person. Hehe. But nevermind, just enjoy this time. Working as a consultant there are a time when you are super duper busy, and vice- versa. I think this becoming new month which is May seems like we are going to do a lot of things. Wiwiwi I like ! I am going to do area noise monitoring somewhere in Nilai next week ! My boss pass this project to me to handle it. So lets just see what is gonna happen. Hope it will goes well. Amin... 

I can't wait for this Saturday. I am going back home with my girlfriends. Woot-woot ! Oh you guys will also going back home right ? Balik mengundi maaaa ! This is the first time in my life I am going to vote in general election. Thanks to my boss for giving me a 'free holiday' on the next Monday. Yeayyy happy me. No need to rush going back to KL after the election. Hehehehe. =))

Wait tomorrow is 1st of May. A Labour Day. Wuhooooo Im gonna celebrate my first year as a working woman with my dear Nisa. We are going to xxxxxx. Its time to reward myself--->>> shoppingggg !!!!!! =))

Oh I think my working hour is going to end in a few minutes. So lets just stop here first. I hope I can update more soon. Insyaallah. Have a bless Tuesday, darlings. Take care.


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