Phone Call Interview

*phone ringing*

Chinese Guy (CG): Hello. May I speak to Maisarah binti Z******* ?

Me (M): Yes, speaking.

CG: I called from XXXX, we received your application for the post of bla..bla...bla.. 

M: Ohh yes yes.... I did applied it few days ago. 

CG: Do you have time for about 15 to 20 minutes for me to ask you some questions regarding this post ?

M: Yes yes... sure....

*after 20 minutes of Q & A*

CG: Maisarah, are you sick ?

M: Errr.... no no... I just got sore throat.

BUT, the truth is 

And that's why I lost my voice. Alaaa..biasa kalau orang baru bangun tidur kan suara tak berapa nak clear je.... T__T

Oh gosh ! Can you imagine the situation I am talking about ? Aaaaa this is crazyy ! I'm just woke up from my longggg sleep (after Subuh) and then someone called me and interviewed me via phone ? Can you imagine with the-rough-voice-like-a-man and 'mamai-mamai' condition, I have to answer a lot of tough questions ??? Duhh !

But anyway, thank God I managed to answer his questions even I know I just goreng goreng sesuke hati I je. Kahkahkah. And then after the conversation was done my brain start to think... ''Aaaaa...why I'm not answering his question like this ? why I just said that? why I did not say this ?Why didn't I elaborate a bit longer? why why why? " *face palm*

Aduhai.... its okay laa...kalau ada rezeki ada la.... moral of the story please study about the company after you sent your application, not after you receive the invitation for the real interview. Because you know what, I just knew that this company (who called me) actually do the phone call interview first after they short-listed their applicants and then only they will proceed to the real face-to-face interview (note that other company might also practice this, so watch out). Damn ! Lepas dapat call aku baru gelabah nak google pasal company tuh. I'm just highlight this because I am not ready for the phone call interview this morning. Pity me. T__T

But then, never mind laaa... Learn from the mistake and now lets pray for the best. :)

Itu sahaja tazkirah daripada saya. 

Selamat bersahur semua ! 

love you ! *tetibe*

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